Null Object

...Basically anything that is Rad and Analogue and has Stickers on it.

This is a little baby website in place till I workout something else.
You'll be able to download full Null Object Albums here as well as visit my Mix Tape archive.

"Noice Maaate"

I'll just give you two Zip files for each album - mp3's and artwork.
All artwork is high quality jpgs that you'll have to format yourself in order to print
out a proper cover. All the Mp3's are 320kps veriable bit rate or constant bit rate.
I'd like to one day put my whole discography here but lets just randomly see how we go.
Email me if you want - nath at idx dot com dot au



People Like Me Album Artwork (7.7meg)
People Like Me mp3's (95.2meg)

People Like Me - This album features some of my favorite Hard Acid tracks.
Loose Cannon, Look, Swallow and Sailor Bill all fight it out to melt your mind
Beat swapping, high pitched squeels, thundering kicks and relentless acid makes for an album to rip your head off.
The 2nd half is the soundtrack to you finding your face


Drinking Games Album Artwork (7.7meg)
Drinking Games mp3's (108meg)

Drinking Games - Put on your leather pants and slime up to some Dubcore swamp bombs.
wipe the mud from your ears and you may just hear a 707, DR660 and a MS20 making sweet love in the darken corner.
The analogues have swapped keys in this drunken orgy that will end in a sunday hangover that farther O'Riley wont be able to sort out.
Even the Robots are confused


Living Room Album Artwork (17.5meg)
Living Room mp3's (104meg)

Living Room - I lived on a cloud once, it was pretty hard to get visitors around so I spent most of my time in my living room.
It was a nice deal. I could be as loud as I want, rain on people's parades look noxious or fluffy and make some serious thunder.
This is the sound of my wonky rain cloud that housed my living room.


The Difficult 17th Album Artwork (4.2meg)
The Difficult 17th Album mp3's (91meg)

The Difficult 17th Album features a mix of Eclectic Undance Glitch, Techno Stompers, Sludge Funk and Wonky Techno
and is home to "The Raft Building Song".


The Decision Maker Album Artwork (3.5meg)
The Decision Maker mp3's (96meg)

The Decision Maker Album features a mix of Circuit Bent Undance, Techno Stompers, Undub and Wonky Unstomp
and is home to the protest song "I Have No Hands"


A Game You Cannot Win Album Artwork (7.7meg)
A Game You Cannot Win mp3's (150meg)

A Game You Cannot Win - Some say don't build house music tracks on the sand - I say don't build house music.
Time for another slime fight at Jack's house but you'll have to climb every man turn first
This album is just like that game "Ring Around The Rosie" except everyone has Black Plague and the tissue is marking the dead.
The "Tissue" is track 9 - Vlad


Commercial Childhood Album Artwork (2.9meg)
Commercial Childhood mp3's (123meg)

Commercial Childhood - If ever I was to dispose of my analogue synth collection by throwing them into a merky swamp at night
this album would be the soundtrack to that moment. There is a nastiness to this minimalism.
Try not to awaken the Merciless Slut that lays beneath.


Amp Up Album Artwork (6.5meg)
Amp Up mp3's (143meg)

Yawn - At some point a bright spark thought they'd make minimal techno the new "Uber Cool"
I thought if this is the new cool then people will need to hear what the "Merciless Slut" has to say about it.
She features heavily in every track and challenges the perception of just how slimey minimal techno can get.
This album reeks of Uber Slimbag Cool. You've been warned


Re-writing The Koran Album Artwork (6.3meg)
Re-Writing The Koran mp3's (123meg)

I moved to Smell Bums in Dec of 2006 to end a dry spell I was having. I was analogueless for six months.
I had my puter and I bought a nasty do all no name GM midi keyboard from the hock shop to get by.
Luckily I discovered if you put this keyer over your knee you could literally bend the circuit board. YUMMY.
An album was born and as I was feeling quite stressed and depressed so I naturally wrote Breakcore
So this it the Null Object Breakcore Album complete with crap filler, joke songs, chin scratchers and one or two good ones.


Ready To Leave Album Artwork (33meg)(Yikes! High quality)
Ready To Leave mp3's (141meg)

They are here and they are ready to take you with them - are you ready to leave?